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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ahhhhh Simone

Add ImageWell, Simone and I have been having a time! Two weeks ago the weather was still tolerable and we (Iris, Simone and I) were enjoying the patio. Now I allow the kitties to wander a wee bit - as long as I can still see them. Iris likes to munch on the tender new grass , I think it helps her digestion and all her probable hairballs. Simone, youngster that she is, likes to explore and chase anything that moves.Well, didn't Simone discover that wee hole in the chain link fence and escape to the other side! OH NO! Mommy realized the problem quickly and was making a total fool of herself laying on the ground with her arm extended under the fence through the hole trying valiantly to coax the silly untouchable back to home territory. But no .... a dog walker happens by and scares Simone who then escapes up the walkway, across the drive and into the next complex. Well, long story into short .... mommy spends 30 minutes sitting on the dirty hard ground in the intense humidity talking to poor Simone who is hiding under a Cedar and panting her pretty little head off! Mommy finally get up the courage, grabs Simone the Untouchable by the scruff neck and carries her home. Phew!!! Simone submitted to Mommy and did not fight back.
Well, the next week or so was tres humid (you know how SW Ontario can be in the summer- yuck!) so I had the AC blasting and the windows and curtains closed. Simone took to the basement laundry room hiding in an old wicker laundry basket and wouldn't come upstairs or socialize. After several days of this behaviour I got concerned confiding to a friend at our bi-weekly quilt get together. Don't ya just know that she would make a liar outta me and that night when I got home she was upstairs on the table in the window waiting to welcome me home! Don't ya just love them?
On the quilting side I've been plugging away at the "baby" quilt repair. Things are going pretty good, all the re-appliques are done as are the re-embroideries. I've started re-quilting and surprisingly enough it actually looks real good. Pics coming soon as I truly hope to have this completed before my summer holidays. Looking forward to them- wahoo!

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