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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Peonies and Applique ...

Well, it's the start of June and my Peonies are in bloom - yeah - but that also means rain! It seems every year just as these lovelies blossom we have thunderstorms which beat down the poor Peonies which are top heavy to begin with. BooHoo .... I don't have too many flowers in my garden as it is so I always love to see these blossoms :)
Last week I did manage to finally make myself an applique roll. I've had the pattern for years and years ... not difficult, just need the time to finally get to it! I reused one of the pvc pipes which came with a small hand held quilt block frame. I never used it and never will so why not recycle! Also, I have a second pipe available - hmmm - present time for someone? As you can see by the pics I used fabric from my stash. The left shows the roll open with this month's Tisket a Tasket block. The right shows the roll closed! Neat and tidy as I like things. Should come in handy as I LOVE to APPLIQUE!
Here's June's block - I still have a wee bit of embroidery to complete for the birdie.
In the news this week is Canada's new copyright law. Most people don't take copyright any too seriously, but we need to, whether it's a logo, a piece of art or a performance. Give credit where credit is due.

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Quilt Rat said... soon as I see my gorgeous peonies come into bloom I know for certain we are in for a few good thunderstorms......never fails!!