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Sunday, March 07, 2010


Socks! I finally have a pair of hand knitted socks! Woohoo! A few years back I organized a stitch-n-bitch group (although we don't call ourselves that!) and we meet once a month during the quilting year and twice per month in the summers. Mainly it's quilters ... we all bring handwork and many ladies knit or embroider. As most of you know knitting is very popular right now (been there, done that) and one of the ladies in our group is into knitting socks. Anyway, as more and more ladies showed up to meetings with a pair of these lovely socks I've been teasing her for a while now about "where's my socks?". Well, now I have them and they are LOVELY! Thank you thank you thank you Ann! I'll have to tease you about something else now, hmmmmm.

The sun is shining and it's a wonderful weekend. While chatting on the on the phone to a friend I watched 2 Cardinals competing for the tree out front of the house. Soon it will be Robins, oh yah - spring is almost here!

Progress on the home front - to the right are the country vegetable blocks. The applique is all done now all I need to do is get the embroidery completed. But I've been delayed while working on the applique challenge block(s). Block one is on the left - not bad! Block two is started, may have it done for Thursday guild meeting may not. I have started my spring cleaning as I have a friend from out west coming in next weekend for a visit. Haven't seen her for - oh - 10 years maybe. Will be real nice to see her again.

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