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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hippity Hop

Easter is fast approaching. For some crazy reason I took Thursday off instead of Monday to make a four day weekend, why I don't remember. Ah well, I get four days off either way, woohoo! Above is my April Tisket/Tasket block, so I am definitely keeping up with the challenge ... another woohoo!
Not much on the home front this week. The week started out by seeing Shutter Island on Sunday, with a friend and Leonardo Di Capro (not hard on the eyes even as he matures). Good thriller and not any real gore so you don't have to keep averting your eyes. Then Tuesday was the theatre and a very good production of Pride and Prejudice. Thursday was the stitching group and we had a lovely time!

The rest of this week has been spent diligently working at mother's Easter door hanging. I've made the pattern
before but using different colours. I must admit I really like this version and am kinda jealous that she's getting it! Did a wee bit of machine quilting to outline the shapes, then hand stippled the inside and am now hand quilting around random "leaves" in the border. Hope to have it completed by Easter for her - which will be at her apt. I'm doing all the work and supplying most of the food, so although a long weekend it will be exhausting! Of course I'll have to borrow it back for Show-n-share at guild the next week!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word. Was that only last Sunday? This has been a LONG week.