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Monday, May 11, 2009

Star Trek and Chain Letters and Shop Hops Oh my!

Last week, after two weeks of serious deliberation, and definitely against my better judgement I once again weakened and responded to the 2 chains letters sent to me. Why ? umh, err, well, that's the cruel magic of these pernicious missives ... I know better, I had previously resolved to never never never again be dragged into one, and then ....

To all the recipients of my momentary weakness please feel free to do as you wish. Some may reciprocate, passing it on and enjoying the opportunity to share. On the other hand some may want me dead, and to those here is a link to a certificate of Chain Letter Nullification; sorry.

Please, no comments, email epistles or other repercussions. Just take it in stride. Chain letters, unless specifically requesting money or issuing physical threats, are not illegal and thus no more harmful than forwarding unwanted e-jokes or spam-like emails re psychic encounters or alternative cures for cancer, etc etc. etc., and haven't you all been guilty of one of those???
Pay it forward and use the purple charm squares in some charitable project. Now there's an idea!
On a more interesting note ... this past Thursday my friend and I experienced the new Star Trek flick.WOW Now, I'm not a dyed-in-the-wool trekkie, but I have been known to enjoy many episodes of whichever version. I was away living in West Africa when the original series played, so for me these shows were always reruns. None-the-less, I have seen all the movies, my favourite is The Voyage Home. So now I might just have a new favourite!!!

This past weekend two child-free women, aka myself and a good friend, spent Mother's Day weekend on a local Shop Hop tour - woo hoo! For those who've not experienced a shop hop - you get in your car and drive miles and miles around the province (kilometers and kilometers) visiting "local" quilt shops, seeing what's new and exciting in all their stores, spending money on fat quarters and getting a free wall hanging/table runner pattern. My friend was justifiably complimented at each stop on her wonderful "mini-me" japanese print fabric bag and managed to win 3 (or was that 4) door prizes. I was called Sunday @ 6 pm as the winner of a door prize from Quilters on the Square. Woohoo!


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Dahkiihaakan said...

I just wish I could have been with you!! Boo hoo. Maybe next time!

.... and Star Trek was Fandamtabulous. Need I say more?