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Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Vacation !

So I'm just coming off a one week spring vacation. The weather was great and I accomplished - oh - about 60 % of my to do list - not bad eh? One of the things on my list was to make a canvas liner for this wicker bag. So, off to the infamous W store for another meter or two of the somewhat funky canvas ..I then had to figure out how to fabricate the planned liner ... hmmm .... after a couple of days on the patio, enjoying the sunshine, CBC radio 2 and some good wine I finally had a plan! Of course, as with all good plans, things did not go swimmingly and there were some alterations along the way (I am an intuitive sewer, not an educated one). Along the way I invented a few new techniques (or maybe not) and finally got the thing done.
Back at work now and none too soon! Simone has gone into heat (mommy procrastinated too long in getting her fixed ...) and she is now howling for all the neighbourhood to hear! YIKES! According to all the websites I've read this could last 4-6 days then I'll need to rush her off to a Vet that rumour has it will fix her up right quick in one go. Yeah, but oh my aching wallet!


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