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Monday, June 09, 2008


Thank goodness for the restorative powers of weekends!

Not that my weekend wasn't busy - never fear superwoman (me), was able to accomplish ever so much AND work a very dull Saturday. Managed to squeeze in a haircut, getting new tires (yup - the ol car is once again a safe beastie) and made it out to the local quilt store for brown "wood" fabric for the screen door baby quilt I will soon design. Also managed to sit on the patio a while reading, completed some vacuuming (yech), re-hemmed the sleeves of my new jacket, took in/altered 3 pairs of summer pants, did the dishes and took mother and her friends out to dinner to celebrate mother's 81st birthday! Phew!

And, just to validate that I'm not crazy, and my personal feelings are not just menopausal blues ..... this afternoon I came across a book on the new books shelf, Upon on opening this book to random pages I came upon these gems of wisdom:
"Being divorced and without children places a woman 'out of sync' with the majority of her peers in a world where the roles of wife and mother are still central to the perceived worth and value of women.
Despite significant social progress, these overwhelming pro-marriage, pro-natalist mandates continue to drive women's lives in pervasive ways.
The pathologizing and stereotyping of women who are, for whatever reasons, (not married) divorced, not remarried, not living with anyone, not in a traditional full time relationship, and childless, is a reflection of continued attachments to patriarchial paradigms about the expectations of women's roles and functions.

Divorced, Without Children. D.D. Castaldo

See ladies ....  Just what I've been telling you for years ..... It's not just my personal rant - it's actually being studied seriously by academics and clinicians ... FINALLY! Sometimes its just nice to know you're not crazy!!!!

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