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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Perspective ...

Once again the world has brought me back to reality, an appreciation for the things I have and perspective on things I don't have, have missed out on, don't care to go there, or whatever ...

Recent conversations with friends and other readings has once again given me a new lease on life (yeah for friends!) It may not be a mansion, nor compare with your abode, but my castle is just that, and I'm happy! It's large enough to hold my stuff (and I don't know about you, but I have way too much stuff), yet still small enough for me to manage (aka clean - occasionally).

I may not earn as much as you, but I do have a stable income which gives me some extra $ above and beyond the bare necessities. Someday I will take a real vacation, someday I will plant that extra garden, and from time to time I blow a few $$ on something silly ... Another YeaH.

My job is not my dream career, it may not have the status of your position, but it is secure. I'm lucky 'cause I'll not experience the meat market called looking for work, and I'll not experience the daily stress of trying to push myself ahead in your dog-eat-dog ambitious world. Besides, I'm a cat person ;)

I don't drive a Mercedes, but I also don't pay for one . My car is in a Red/Green stage, with duct tape plastered all over the front bumper to hold onto the last scraps of paint. Never mind, it gets me where I want to go quickly, efficiently and affordably. YEaH

I don't dress in the latest fashions, a new outfit for every occasion. I do manage to get something new each season and am not too out-of-date. Neither do I look like a middle aged frau attempting to be the perennial teenager. I know who/what I am and dress accordingly. I have a good sense of colour and what styles look good on my body frame. Yes, I watch What not to Wear

I don't have my very own DH (I'm really beginning to hate this particular abbreviation), and guess what - I DON'T CARE! I don't have any kiddies or grand babies, and guess what - I DON'T CARE ! I really, truly am a well adjusted, happy independent spirit ... I have an active social life, lots of friends, interests and hobbies - enough to keep me busy for a lifetime. YEAH

SO THERE - Large raspberry to all you doubting Thomases/Thomasinas. There is life, real life, meaningful, fulfilled, happy life without a DH, kiddies, professional status, wealth or big cars.


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