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Monday, June 11, 2018

I've been Picked!

So, last week I was at the house to talk with a lady about making slipcovers for my couch and chair. I've wanted to do this for a while now. There's nothing wrong with the current upholstery except it's "old lady floral" and reminds me of mother (it was her set). So now that I'm moving it's time for a change. The slipcover company (Accent Upholstery) will remove the couch & chair from my condo and deliver it to my new residence, then remove the "extra" chair I'm taking with me to the new abode while I await the newly slipcovered set. Sounds like a win win for me.
So, while we are perusing fabric swatches the slipcover lady looks around and says "I see you like antiques, are any for sale?" to which I reply "Yes, some".  Slipcover lady says "My sister has a shop in ..... can I call her?" Next thing I know her sister and DH arrive and the 2 ladies run around the condo buying up all kinds of small and large antique/collectible stuff. I walk out the door $900 richer and much less stuff to pack & move ! Felt like I was in an episode of
American Pickers!
They couldn't take everything with them that day so came back on the Saturday when they purchased even more stuff!

All in all I got rid:
my Flat-to-the-wall (pic shows Aynsley china set also sold).

A dresser/server/bureau/TV stand
(I don't know what to call this piece) where all my great aunt's Limoges was kept.

A not antique Oak hall tree, an overmantle, 2 wicker trunks, 1 antique wicker chair, a wicker vanity, 2 foot stools,  2 Eastlake unmatched parlor tables, 1 Eastlake parlor chair, 2 wooden benches, 1 headboard cutoff (seen in above pic of couch), 1 shutter shelf, 1 antique floor trilight, 2 quilt racks, 10 vintage quilts, 300 +  pieces of Limoges (seen above), 8 place setting of Aynsley + serving pieces (also seen above).

A large pile of vintage linens, 1 vintage christening dress, a framed stained glass, milk bottles and mustard crocks,  and 1 antique Singer head.

An organ stool, 6 pictures (3 framed Brass rubbings, a vintage print of a young girl looking at the Blue Bird of Happiness, a Teapot picture and a Teacup pic)

Then there was the Boston Fern stand with a fake Boston Fern, 3 sets of glass door knobs, and probably lots  more I can't even remember to list. 
All in all I made over $1000.00 for an garage sale I didn't even know I was going to have! Whooppee !

It was tiring for all, and I am so grateful for my nephew who helped load their vans, my sister and Brother-in-law who helped keep it all organized (as much as we could), and  the 2 ladies who had a ball purchasing all my stuff which would probably have gone to the Goodwill !! See - sometimes good thing do happen.

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