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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Yeah !

My "Christmas" Cactus is blooming and my retirement Orchid has 3 blossoms since the beginning of November. YEAH!!  Nice to have live flowers in the house. The condo people have been around and we now have 2 new trees in my front yard, and one in the back. Another Yeah, and they finally came around and trimmed my Forsythias and Rose of Sharon, so a final Yeah. Things are looking good for the holiday season, although I am waaaaay behind in my shopping which is usually done by this time. My family do the draw a name from the hat thing, and we kinda forgot to do that at Thanksgiving :(. But then, we were all sick with a cold, I'll blame it on that. Here's this year's front door decoration
The lantern is actually behind the birch log, even though in this pic it looks like it is sitting on top.
One more week for my sock knitting class to learn how to close the toe, then onto the second sock for a pair. I picked up some free patterns, one for Yoga socks (no toe and no heel), if I have time I'll make a pair for my niece.
Back at my Canada 150 blocks YEAH, here are blocks 85-90. I may just get this done by Xmas ?? Next week Vikings starts again for the season = one final YEAH !

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