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Monday, October 02, 2017

Sunny October!

Wasn't the weekend lovely? Just what we've been waiting for , nice Fall weather, not too hot not cold and SUNNY :) Did a wee bit of fall decorating. I try to cheer things up every year and do things just a bit different than last year. Nobody notices as I'm usually home alone :(.
Had another busy busy weekend. Friday got together with my sister and her DH and we went to the local mall which was holding an antique show. Remember me moaning about having lost the business card of the antique lady I sell things to? Well, luck was on my side as she was there at the show! I managed to sell off 2 fur coats, a box full of vintage linens and another box of French Ivory and miscellaneous china pieces. Made $250  :) Call me happy! My sister was able to offload mother's collection of vintage postcards, and her DH sold some of Dad and Mother's coins. A good day for all of us!
The nephew came over and we took 2 boxes of miscellaneous half empty paint cans to be recycled and one more box to the Goodwill. He also took out my garbage for me which meant THE LAST BAG OF SHREDDED PAPER has gone ! Whoppee!!!!!!!! Now to get rid of the quilts I decided to donate and then I can say I have completed my downsizing, at least as much as I am willing to do for now . That will deserve another whoppee ;)
Kept myself busy last week sewing blocks 73-78 of the CW 150 quilt along. Pleased with this grouping, especially the bottom left one :).

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