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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Happy Fall !

I'm sharing a photo of my great niece Claire and her brother William posted by my niece to FB (hope she doesn't mind, but this pic is just too cute). It's been a couple of weeks of family stuff :) First there was Thanksgiving. The turkey was wonderful, sorry no pics. I made my usual coleslaw and took a Pumpkin pie. Both were a hit.
I've been busy sewing. Blocks 79-84. I'm happy with the fabric choices and almost got my stripes aligned. That was my first time working with stripes and trying to get them all straight. Maybe next time! I'm back at prepping hexies for the connector blocks for my Lucy Boston. Boring but necessary work. This may take another week or so before I can continue with making the connector blocks. And just to add to this a quilt friend donated/gave to me a baggie of hexies, some already put together into Grandmother's Flower Garden. Love them, but boy or boy, my work never seems to end! (not complaining). And to add to all this I decided it was time to start working on the personal items on my bucket list so I signed myself up for a class on knitting socks! I know how to knit, but it's been 20+ years since my last creation, so I need a refresher!
Moving along with the downsizing, the guild has decided to take all my vintage quilts that I don't want. what they can't use they will send to the Men's Mission, so every one will have a good home. Now to just them out of my living room !
Yesterday we celebrated William's first birthday. It was supposed to be a big party with lots of kids, but William is teething and wasn't feeling well, so just our family and this guest (My sister holding 5 day old Oscar, son of a friend of Lisa's)
I got to see the "new" kitchen - and it's soooo gorgeous1 Makes me want to follow up with a reno of my own ;). Maybe next Spring.
William wasn't too sure what was going on, especially when we all sang Happy Birthday to him, but he sure got the hang of it when the cupcakes came out! He's a good eater ;)

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