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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Vacation week !

Well, I'm not so sure I should title this post "vacation".  I had something on the go every single day, what with car/bank/personal appointments, parents stuff,  a couple of movies, a Sew What's gathering for a bit of fun, and Spring cleaning =  I was soooooo busy this past week it was insane!
The week started off with the mater, then the nephew came over and we put together my patio - YEAH! The weather was wonderful all week but too hot and too noisy to sit outside for most of it :(. None-the-less I did manage to finish my book, The General Theory of Oblivion.
The condo corp got a complete redo of our drives/parking lots so the week was filled with dump trucks, back hoes and steam rollers noisily rumbling by the house all day long! Since I'm on the board of directors this also meant several emails to stay on top of things making sure everything was being done as we wanted. It also meant the whole complex had to park on the street for the week. Not fun having all week to walk uphill a block or more to get to the car  :( . I started and almost completed my spring cleaning - so I can return to work with a sense of accomplishment - yeah!!

Holiday Monday, Victoria Day, was spent with a friend at the Alisa Craig Quilt festival. This year the quilts were from Latvia! This fabulous Klimt-like quilt greeted us at the door  - one of my favourite artists!

This was followed by a lovely stained glass poppies, how apropos ... this year we had a speaker and workshop on the stained glass technique!

This abstract woman was lovely and used vintage doilies and other lace bits in her skirt.

 It appeared there were a couple of  themes in this show, the use of vintage lace, the use of denim, and portrait quilts. I thought this denim portrait quilt of a woman was tremendous. I so admire the fabric artists that can do this kind of work, and working in denim isn't easy!

The B&W portrait quilts were of "famous" Latvian poet/writers, also good examples of fabric portraits!

This Monet like work was Ann's favourite with very soft colours,  while I rather like this waltzing quilt for it's movement and scrappy background!

On the home front I managed to get 2 more mug rugs completed!!
On the left a Haida inspired mug rug for a colleague from out west who loves Haida art and has several pieces in her office, so I thought this fabric would suit her perfectly!

The musical mug rug is for a colleague whose life revolves around music. I am so enjoying the process of finding fabrics and making a themed mug rug for each person :).

And to end off my "vacation" week mater duty again then I made a birthday cake from my b-i-l's B-day celebration today.
Phew ! I'll be glad to get back to work!! No word/phrase of the week for this week,

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