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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Quilts from France

So my week off work is over :(. All in all is was a great week! I had a huge To Do list, and actually got through most of it - yeah. Including a trip to a local quilt festival, Quilts from France. Now that the show is over I can safely post some on my pics. Below is an interesting triptych.

I believe fabric strips were pulled through a muslin background and long threads layered over it creating an interesting waterfall effect. The first one was a lovely pastel, the centre was rather dark greens and blues and blacks, and the one on the right was a vibrant reds and pinks.

I rather expected to see several quilts with Boutis quilting, but I was disappointed. Below is the only work with this style.

There were several "traditional" quilts, all very well done. Unfortunately I can't provide attribution as I was too distracted in getting a good shot of the quilts I once again forgot to take a pic of the sign describing who did what - sorry!

 Of course I couldn't resist taking a pic of  this Hexie quilt ;)
 And then there was this wonder!!! I couldn't get far enough back to get the whole lovely!
Really like what she did in the centre.
 It seems the French guild which sent these quilts had an exchange with a guild in Japan. Their "challenge", I think, was to use some Japanese fabric (possibly old Kimono silk) and some french lace.

I really liked this one as I like the grey background (old kimonos I think), the straight line quilting. The hot air balloons were made of French lace.

The gold fish in the quilt on the right were very well done, and reminded me of our visit to a Japanese Tea Garden when we visited Japan many years ago.

Love the Cranes in this one, the fans and the Fairy (?) playing her flute.

And of course this quilt, also with musical notes, and flying Kimonos!

And finally, one with a Shinto gate. I really like the use of colours in the background, and the well placed stones reminiscent of a Shinto garden.
The Quilts from France show also had a challenge to use blue. Here is an eye catching example

The flowers here were lovely, I am partial to embroidery on quilts, especially well done ribbon embroidery! So here is a closeup.

And finally - this beauty !!!

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