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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week Three

Sad to say, week three is the last week of my vacation :(. I've been sooooo busy, I now truly get it when my retired friends say they don't know how they found time to work! Can't wait for retirement .... but must wait, financial considerations make the wait wise. I spend one day this past week @ an all-day retirement seminar put on by my employer. Sounds silly, but since my pension plan is a defined contribution I need to know a lot about what/how/when in order to make decisions. Later in the week I  also met with my personal financial adviser. Sure wish they had taught us some of this stuff @ school.
It was my turn to entertain the Sew What's group of ladies .... I made a platter of wraps and veggies, fruit (strawberries and green grapes) a cheese plate, and of course "goodies". I also made but forgot to put on the table (darn that bottom shelf in the frig!) a plate of devilled eggs ! Too bad 'cause they were good ;) The pics are for my friend down east who misses all the gatherings each summer.
Last week I showed you the peppermint twist blocks and complained because my design wall wasn't wide enough . well, I managed to get it all sewn together and here it is!
Now I just have to find a backing and get it quilted. That will be 2 Christmas table runners made - woohoo - just two more to make ! I need the design wall to be empty as will be hanging some of my quilts on it this aft - a colleague from work is coming to take pics and interview me about my hobby. It's for the "human interest" part of our staff newsletter ......

I have a new obsession -  move over Ragnar from Vikings - sorry, you have competition .....

It's Cullen Bohanon from Hell on Wheels  .... oh yeahhhhh



Kyrotime said...

The table looks scrumptious Cynthia! Your elegant style is one I do enjoy & thank you for thinking of me & taking the pic of the full table. The eggs do look & I bet taste even better! but I too have left things forgotten in the fridge! Your table runners look great too! Your retirement days will be here before you know it & I look forward to spending time with you here at the shore. ;-) Have a great week. Hugs, Cynthia

Anonymous said...

I have really enjoyed your Idle Hands etc. site. I am not a blog member. I don't do crafts but I love to look at yours, at your vintage dishes, your table settings, garden flowers, quilting etc.

I hope this gets through to you.
Your blog is appreciated.

Aunt Karen