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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ahhhh, summer vacation :)

Remember my posting from early July - where I complained about breaking/losing some cherished vintage cake plates? Well, one of my marvelous quilt friends asked for the broken pieces. She's very crafty so I figured she would make something lovely out of the wreckage. I sure didn't expect her to make something for me, but am definitely loving it! A patio stone so I still have my cake plate :) :)

So, today is my B-day (SHHHH. a secret I tell absolutely no one) and I'm the big 60 ! YIKES! How the heck did I get to be this old!!!? I sure don't feel old. Maybe 60 is the new 40 ? My niece announced they are expecting, so I'll be a GREAT AUNT soon - OMG! How did this happen? My sister is ecstatic, she'll be a grandma. Our parents will be Great grandparents. They seem to be taking it in stride. I'm not! I'M NOT OLD ENOUGH!!!

 I'm on summer vacation and loving it. The weather has been fabulous, I've been uber busy with family business and only been in the sewing room twice! Not nearly enough time to get to all those projects I have on my summer vacation list - yeah right I don't know why I even make lists ....  Almost all my friends are retired, my retirement date is 5 years (1847 days) away! Do my retired friends make lists? and if so why? I have to admit this summer I can appreciate my friend's saying "You'll really enjoy retirement".  I could go for it anytime now, but need to pay off that car loan and mortgage, so it's back to work I go next week.
Before I forget here's a pic of the new bath. Flowered wallpaper border removed, ugly builder's beige painted over, new mirror. Mommy is happy!


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