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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mini Tut on Lil Twister!

So here's a mini tutorial on using the Lil' Twister  tool. First you decide on a colour scheme, in my case blue because this table runner will be for mother and she has blue in her kitchen and I have a basket full of blues! Once you have your colours chosen sew 4 5" squares together and border with 3" strips, in my case I bordered the squares with white.
Align the lines of the Lil' Twister tool with the seam lines in the block at the bottom left corner (see pic). Next move the tool up to the next seam line and cut around the twister, the "scraps" it leaves can be saved for another project.
Now it's time for the third cut, again, align the lines on the tool with the seam lines. For the next set of cuts aline the lines on the Lil' Twister tool along the center seam of the block, maintain the same angle as with the first set of cuts. And then cut the final three along the right side of the block.
Putting the blocks together is easy when you use distinctive prints, however, if you were to try this scrappy you will have lots of fun arranging the three blocks per row. Here's a finished block
 And my semi finished runner with the chosen backing fabric. Next week (I hope) I will show you the finished product!!

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