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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lil Twister Part 2

So, last week I gave you a mini tutorial on making Lil' Twister blocks. Afterwards I thought - wow, what a lousy job, I really need to beef up the visuals!
On the left the blocks are laid out in order. I take them to the sewing machine this way. Then, going from right to middle I sew together the first 2 blocks for each row, and of course follow this up by sewing the third, left block to make up the 3 rows.
Of course you press the seams for the 1st and 3rd rows in one direction, and for the 2nd row in the opposite direction, like the pic on the left. Sew the rows together, then using your unsewer (aka seam ripper) undo those little stitches @ each intersection so they can spiral as in the pic on the right! If you haven't discovered this trick - try it. It helps your intersections to lie flat! 
And voila!! You should have a block like this! Reverse view on left, front side on right! Now, all I need to do for my own table runner is get some borders on and tackle some machine quilting. Wish me luck!!!
While blog surfing recently I came across the funniest site I've seen in a long time - new to me, maybe not new to you ... Texts from Hillary :) Click on the pic to go to this tumblr site to enjoy more !!!


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Barbara said...

Hi, strolling through your interesting blog I just discovered your little trick with the seam ripper. As I recently made a "lill'twister" block, this trick is very helpful to me for coming projects. Thank you for sharing.