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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wahhh Sleep deprived!

So we turned our clocks forward this weekend - the weekend I'm working .... so I'm not only sleep deprived, but today is sunny and 14+ C degrees! NOT FAIR. I was just getting used to waking in the morning to the sunrise - yeah, and now we're back to getting up in the dark. Who's bright idea (pardon the pun) was this daylight saving thing anyway? Never mind, I saw a Robin yesterday so I'm happy, Spring is near .
At our last guild meeting the speaker talked to us about creativity and inspiration. She spoke about how women all too frequently say "I'm not artistic, I'm not creative". Really?Last week we celebrated International Women's Day. OK ladies, it's time to stand up and   MAKE SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF 
Just for the fun of it!
That's what my next project will be!


Anonymous said... really were on a roll today! lol I know what you mean though, it's fun to have your own life!

regan said...

I love rants! They're so therapeutic! lol

And most of the time, while reading a rant, I am either totally agreeing with it (out loud, I might add), or I'm realizing I'm on the 'other' end! Ooops!

Just the other day, I was thinking that my blog is overloaded with sentences that begin with 'I'. So I think lately it's all been a big me me.....all about me!

Maybe I should blog more about my hubby and kids......hmmmmmm! lol