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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Elder Schadenfreude

I learned a new phrase this week - Elder Schadenfreude (pronounced elder-shod-un- froyd-uh). It means a secret pleasure of hearing about aging parents that are even more impossible than yours. Like! I am part of the sandwich generation - even though I have no kids - still, I'm a 50 something, working full time and dealing with aging parents. My "job" requires me to exercise a fair amount of patience, and I find I'm lacking the required patience once home and dealing with the parentes. I need to strive harder. I have been fortunate so far, as they are in reasonably good health. When my time comes I hope to go out swinging ;)
The wedding quilt is on the frame - WOOHOO! I have a full sized quilting bee kinda frame, but I don't use it much. I prefer to use a hoop and quilt from the centre out. What kind of frame do you use? I've had this quilt hoop for - oh, 30+ years (OMG!) and it still does the trick! I can fold up the quilt on top of itself when not quilting and tuck it away. When I am quilting I can pull it up to my favourite chair and and watch TV as I'm stitching. Nothing more relaxing than hand quilting.

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regan said...

Is this a pic of your mom? She's lovely!

And yes, I prefer to use a hoop rather than a frame. I've never been very good at quilting in different directions, so the hoop allows me to it and just quilt towards me!

I've haven't hand quilted in several years, since I had my carpel tunnel surgeries.....but I think I just might have to give it another go! Thanks for enticing me!