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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quilt Ontario 2011 is Over ;(

Well, after a year and 1/2 of planning and meeting after meeting ... the conference is over! I can't believe it, what a blurr!!! I have never before been involved in planning a national conference or responsible for a portion of a national quilt show. This was a new experience for me, and I enjoyed every minute (almost!) Above is the beginning of our hanging the show, and below is me (centre) and my wonderful crew! THANK YOU ladies and gent. If it weren't for all of you the Quilt Ontario 2011 Invitational show would not have happened!
Every year CQA/ACC has a national show. On even years it's a BIG show, and on odd years it's a small show - so ours was a "smaller" show. Well, all I can say is Thank Goodness it wasn't a big Show!
This red and white quilt was made by a member of our LOC (Local Organizing Committee). She's an award winning machine quilter and wanted both sides to be seen, so we hung her quilt without the drape! (pardon the fuzzy pics - I dropped my camera! Grrrr). I learned a great deal about organizing, planning a layout and hanging a quilt show. Two of the entries were smaller framed pics so I purchased a trifold screen and hung them from there. This worked nicely as it was more proportional for these pieces and gave the viewers' eyes a rest from all the black drape!
One of the biggest lessons I learned is that no matter how much you plan/organize there will always be something unforseen, a last minute entry, or a change of plans.
So, I guess the biggest lesson I learned was to be flexible and not sweat the small stuff (hey - where have I heard that one before?)

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