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Monday, May 23, 2011

CQA/ACC Quilt Ontario!

So, last weekend three of us hung 8 local CQA Rosette winning quilts in the library where I work. Our Quilt Ontario conference originally was going to be in the building next door but got moved as that renovation is going on and on and on and on .... you get the picture.
We hung the quilts over the half wall on the mezzanine floor. They are safe from the public's curious fingers and fully viewable from the main service floor below! I thought it was a good idea at the time .... and the reaction from staff and the public has been tremendous!
I think we all forget just how beautiful quilts, especially Rosette winning quilts can be. We see them every month at guild Show-n-Tells, but most members of the public don't quilts all that often! So ladies, take a HUGE BOW and congratulate yourselves! Especially the ladies from our four local guilds who made these lovely quilts! we are thrilled andproud to display them.
Now, if I can just get the quilt show hung tomorrow that I'm responsible for I'll be happy and can relax. The pipe and drape guy didn't bring any S hooks from which to hang the quilts! I was told "Don't worry "He'll have everything you need" but no S hooks! Duh!!! Wish me luck!!
P.S. I'm having internet issues with useless cable company .... so patience please if I don't post for a while.


regan said...

These quilts are all stunners! Wow! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

I fully agree completely

Anonymous said...

Particularly well written piece of writing..

Anonymous said...

I could not think you are more right!