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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Upset and Discord ...

I moved some furniture on the weekend. Nothing much, just one jam cupboard, but that involved moving the litter box - now in the basement!. The furry ones have let me know their disapproval. Simone has been whinny ever since, and Iris decided to hide! Here she is in the wicker basket which sits under my sewing table and is supposed to hold fabric, but right now holds the dear one. Cute ain't she? I was sewing on the final border before the binding on my BOM at the time of this sighting!
What else am I working on???
Well, I have resurrected a whole cloth wall hanging that I started oh
about a year - maybe two years ago! I got the "kit" many years ago at the other guild's yearly auction. I thought it would be fun to make just one in my lifetime. It is pre-stamped and the markings are supposed to wash out when I've completed the stitching. Unfortunately the cotton used is extra fine and stitching it is real hard going (probably why I stopped working on it before). None-the-less I am tenacious and will finish it - eventually!
Wish me luck!

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