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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowy Sunday

So if you're wondering what I'm up to .... I'm hand quilting a Baptist Fan pattern on the outer borders of my Tisket-Tasket BOM. I've always wanted to quilt the Baptist Fan pattern and now I am! Only problem is it looks so good it's making my outline quilting of the blocks look pretty puny. Oh No! I may have to do some hand stippling - or maybe try my hand (pardon the pun) at McTavishing! I just borrowed a book on that from the guild library!
It's cold outside and the snow is blowing a wee bit so I have decided to spend another Sunday in the kitchen. Not a bad idea and quite productive!I started the morning by getting a beef stew together in the crockpot ... so that should make a good dinner. Next I made a batch of banana walnut muffins for next week's coffee breaks. Now, what to make for lunches next week? Hmmmmmm.

On Dec. 23rd my favourite aunt had a surprise 80th birthday party . The mater and I decided we would attend, so bundled up and drove
the scary 402 (it was closed for three days the week before due to snow...) The day turned out lovely, nice to see lots of the family for a HAPPY celebration. Unfortunately the first week of the new year was another trip back, this time for an aunt's funeral. It was expected but still sad. Here's hoping family "stuff" is all over and I can get on with creating.
I'm still indecisive as to what to produce for the Quilt Canada Invitational show. I must admit I'm rather intimidated, but as the show coordinator feel somewhat obligated to submit something! Have lots of ideas, that's not the problem ... decision and execution is the issue. Wish me luck!

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regan said...

Hi Sada! I didn't see an email contact in your profile, so I'm telling you here that I just tagged you with an award! Please visit my blog for the rules if you want to participate.

Also, your Baptist Fans are fabulous! I love that quilt they are on! Can't wait to see it finished!