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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fabric Sale!

Fabric Sale! One of our local quilt fabric stores (Cotton by Post) is having a 50% off sale .... Well, although I've promised myself for the last several years not to buy more fabric ;) (yeah right) I none-the-less succumbed to temptation. Above is my first batch in prep for a wedding quilt? My niece is hinting - no announcement yet, but the hints are definite. We all know how long a full quilt takes, so time to get started!
Here's last weekend's sewing project - free pattern from All People Quilt. If I were to make this one again, and I might, I would not use fusible fleece in the lining as well as the bag = too thick/heavy. The fabrics for this one came straight from my stash, so I can feel somewhat righteous. Some lucky person in the family will probably receive this one for the holidays.

Well, it's September and our guild meetings have started up again. It was a very enjoyable meeting, the speaker was hilarious! I brought along a new person. It's kinda fun to share her excitement over each new technique, block and colour combinations.
Somehow or other I've developed a reputation as being "the driver", now don't get me wrong, the occasional request for a ride it quiet acceptable but when it becomes a habit or an expected thing - well .... especially when I have to drive across the city to pick the person up! Enough said, I just have to learn to say NO.


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