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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Snow! What's with That?

So what's with this weather anyway? I know it April, so I expect some showers, but snow!? Give me a break! I'm finally feeling better - human - and the sunshine disappears - ee gads! Even the garden is confused ... the Peonies are up about a foot, my Caragana tree is in full bud about to leaf. Now I'm watching my Japanese Maple as one of it's major branches is nude - no buds - oh no!!! Here's hoping it's just slower than the rest of the tree. I think I have to give up on the Lavendar and go hunting for more (to be planted in another location - hmmmm - where?)
I was too sick to attend our last guild meeting (boo for seasonal allergies) but just in case my challenge ladies, the Three C's, thought I had fallen behind - au contraire, block five is completed as you can see from the pic! This one was easy and completed in two days! I'm looking forward to completing this BOM!!!
Now that I'm feeling better (aren't OTC anti-histamines and decongestants fab!) I've returned to the vegetables wall hanging. I started embroidering the words, as per the instructions. Got two letters done and decided this was a) going to take forever, and b) didn't look like I wanted. So ripped out what was done and went for heat-n-bond letters. Much much happier. Below are the two with completed embroidery and lettering. Only four more to go.
I made a quick trip yesterday to the LM store and lucked out BIG TIME. They had enough of the mottled light blue background for backing and I got some really decent dark blue for borders and binding. Woohoo! Score!

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