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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

Every year I say I will never again do Spring cleaning ... and then another year rolls round and somehow the urge to get cleaning sweeps over me (pardon the pun) and off I go again. This year it was precipitated by me hosting an Easter dinner for family and friends. Whilst cleaning the living room I became reacquainted with this "portable"vintage Singer which has been hiding against the wall beside my pine jam cupboard. Hmmmm, is it electric?, does it actually work? are there attachments, a manual? What gives - I must investigate! Luckily the key was attached to the handle, and yes, it is electric. The manual was in a plastic bag neatly placed under the foot and the machine is still threaded, as you can see by the pink spool, so I will know how to thread it should I chose to attempt to use it! But, there seems to be no attachments including no "shuttle" bobbins which this machine apparently uses. Another hmmmmmm.

I doubt I will ever use it as I rarely use my Featherweight or my computerized Husqvarna. I have found my Kenmore - aka THE WORKHORSE - to be my best friend, it is always there, does most of what I want, and never argues with me - tension wise.

So far my investigations based on the serial number lead me to suspect this vintage Singer was made in 1936-1938, but I have yet to determine what model number it is.

Speaking of Kenmores, I'm in love .... I have recently joined the ranks of the privileged class and purchased a dishwasher for myself. Woohoo! Granted, it's only a portable (which, by the way means you pay way too much extra for), it takes up way too much space in my dining room, and is ugly, but - and this is the point - it hides the mess while waiting to be filled up and washes the dishes for me - a chore I have become increasingly discontented with. I figure, with this market "downturn" I'll never get a new kitchen, so why wait to get a builtin .... I might as well spend my money as lose it on the market.
Easter Tablescape

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