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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

YIKES - Flies

FLIES - OMG - the last two nights I must have killed over one hundred of them. I'm a mass murderer, a serial killer, a genocidal maniac! I've battled and swatted and vacuumed up their remains. Soon I'll have to re-wash my windows to remove all evidence of my homicidal rage. Disgusting, buzzing, dirty, disease carrying, annoying insects. YUCK!

Where the heck do they come from ? (rhetorical question ladies ...) My garbage is double bagged, not full and away from the house anyway. The kitty litter is cleaned regularly, there are no dead bodies laying around - at least as far as I know, but then again there is that "mound" in the backyard I jokingly referred to early as the grave.

I've been infested (ooooh I hate that word) - invaded (that's better) by ants before. Ants I can handle, just a few quick sprays with a can of insecticide (I know I know should not use insecticide - should not use CFC sprays), a couple of ant taps and the pesky ants are gone bye bye. But Flies? Euuwww. OK, I did have a few fruit flies buzzing around the basket of peaches a couple of weeks ago, but not a whole swarm.

Of course the cat is totally put off. She' not allowed to go outside because of the busybody who reported her to the Animal control, and now when she comes downstairs to get fed and be friendly mommy's busy swatting flies!

ENOUGH ... I've had ENOUGH
I'm mad and I'm not going to take it anymore
Flies flies go away
Invade someone else's home anyway!
And the saga continues .... TTFN

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