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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Road Trips ...

In the last two weeks I've fortunate in that I have gone on two very enjoyable road trips. The first was to Michigan on a home brewed shop hop. Although leaving home @ 7 am (NOT my idea of fun) we drove to the border and proceeded to shop 'til we dropped! ... I thoroughly enjoyed the drive, the company and the new quilt shops we visited. My friend, who did the driving (thank you thank you thank you) purchased a GPS .... tada ..... we did not get lost - not once! Marvelous gadget! One thing I must say, I was a wee bit shocked at the lack of customers in the quilt shops in Michigan - so the evening news is right about their depressed economy. Besides the price of gas - it's still a bargain for us since our dollar is more or less on par with theirs and their fabric prices are definitely lower!!! So a U S shop hop is worth it!
My second road trip was to the semi-annual outdoor semi-local antique show. I started going to way back when I was collecting vintage quilts. My collection now is well into two figures - more than my shelving capacity, and the prices of vintage textiles has shot through the roof! None-the-less it was a gorgeous day outside and wonderful to be out and about with friends doings what I enjoy - shopping!


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