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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

"Iris and me"

It would be so lovely to have a real cameo of me and Iris ... as it is we shall have to do with this virtual cameo. Iris's transition from her former home, where she was no doubt well loved but not the centre of attention, to my home where she has all the attention, seems to be accomplished. Her former owner has contacted me for reassurance, but has still not coughed up any veterinary records .... I guess we have different ideas of pet owner responsibility.

Iris is now well adjusted to her new home, literally rolling over with glee in welcoming me home each evening and letting me rub her tummy, playing catch (in mid air) as well as fetch, allowing me to give her medication orally twice per day, and "spitting" at my toes when I tease her from under the covers - this makes me LOL! As the picture depicts - she has landed in a good spot and is now living the life of Riley!


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