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Sunday, March 09, 2008

I Hate Winter!

Ok, it's official, I reallllllly hate winter. How is it that I always - yup, I mean always - manage to get scheduled for the weekend shift just when a super storm decides to hit?
As if digging your way out the door to the car, digging the car out, cleaning the car off then getting stuck in the parking lot isn't enough, having to actually come into work to just sit and wait and wait and wait for something to do - 'cause everybody else in the world is more sane than you and stayed home in this snow storm - DUH!

On top of all that I already have an injured shoulder. So now, lets include the added stress of shovelling snow for 2-3 days to the already "frozen shoulder" syndrome and what do you have - one miserable hunk of not happy.

But guess who is happy - you guessed it - Iris! Mommy bought some off white fleece fabric, with the best of intentions of recovering the pillow in the cat bed so Iris will not smell/sense Sada (previous now deceased cat). Well, I brought the bed downstairs and placed it next to my chair. Then threw the fabric over it and everytime Iris tried to sit with me I placed her in the cat bed for one whole evening. The next day I placed some of her favourite toys in to the bed, and lo and behold - she likes it, she really really likes it! We have a winner here folks! As usual the pic above is what I'd like Iris to have, and the pic below depicts what she's getting

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