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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Will it or Won't it ?

So my purple orchid given to me as a retirement gift  has decided to bud - whoppee! The question is will the buds ever open? These buds are large and have been there for over 2 weeks now. When will I get flowers ? I put it into the sun and have given it a wee bit of water. Not sure what else I can do to encourage these buds to flower.  Any advice ??
Speaking of flowers I harvested a wee posy from my Lavender plant. Had I known a super humid hot spell was coming which would burn up everything I would have harvested all the Lavender flowers!
Life has calmed down a wee bit this week and I have finally - yes FINALLY got into my sewing room and back to my Facebook Canada 150 quilt-along.  Now that the sewing room is cleaned out (almost) I feel more comfortable in that room. I've been housecleaning and downsizing for several weeks now. What was once 2 overflowing book shelves full of quilt books, 2 shelves of binders full of paper patterns from the internet, and another 2 shelves with magazines, I am proud to say is now 1/2 shelf of books, 1 shelf of magazines and paper patterns from the internet. MUCH more reasonable for my lifetime ;).  So, I have been working on catching up with my fellow quilt-along ladies and have sewn 3 blocks a day. We get 3 blocks a week since January and the group is now at Block 108. I am proud to say I am now up to block 22. Yippee! BUT long way to go ! Wish me luck ;)
A long way yet to go with the downsizing/housecleaning, but I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment having sent out 3 bags of shredded paper, 3 bags of non shredded paper for recycling and 3 boxes to the Goodwill just last week. Wish me luck again !

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