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Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's Summertime :)

Ode to summertime :) Yeah right - we're hiding inside with the AC on and the curtains/blinds drawn. It's typical SW Ontario heat & humidity. One of my pet peeves are all those silly people who walk around complaining "Boy, it's hot" when usually it's not actually hot, just humid. However, today the sun is shining bright and it is HOT and HUMID, ugh! But hey, that's still way better than being cold and wet and snowing ;)
So a local quilt store owner has decided to retire (good for her!) and is closing her store. Yup, you guessed it = FABRIC SALE :)
I managed to pick up a panel which matches the lovely leaf fabric I used for the water bottles. I don't usually do panels, but this will make a quick summer door hanging for the mater. I also bought some backings for upcoming projects/UFOs.
Yahooooo. And, I am pleased to announce the Felines & Flutterbies (sp?) top is finished. Another Yahooooo.
Not sure I'll rush to get this sandwiched - next weekend is a long weekend so I have some time. It has been unanimously decided I will hand quilt this one. The only plan I have so far is to quilt some flight lines under the Butterflies. So, here's my summer project, wish me luck.

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regan said...

It's going to look so amazing with hand quilting! And I love the idea of little swirlies around the butterflies! Sweet! And all that fabric is beautiful......always bittersweet when a shop closes.....but the sales help!