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Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Week Away

Well, the wedding is one week away - geez,  you'd think it was my wedding - or my daughter that was getting married. I'm sooo excited! Just thought you needed another pic of the shower table :) you know - with the once in a lifetime tea service being used !
 Ok, risking that my niece may actually read my blog ..... here's a pic of what I've been tres busy with this past week - getting the wedding quilt finished. I am soooo glad I changed my mind and decided to stipple the applique blocks. I think it's the finishing touch. Yesterday I made a cloth bag so they have something to store the quilt in and I attached a cloth envelope to the bag with "scraps" from each fabric - just in case the quilt needs repair sometime in the future (you never know ...). Next on the list is altering my dress for the wedding and hunting up a pair of nylons (!!), and oh, do I have dress shoes? where are they??
My white Irises have decided to flower this year - YEAH.


Gabrielle said...

this is so cool i can see a good picture in my head!!!


J'adore said...

looks nice , x