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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Memory Lane

A few years back, as a means to introduce computers and the internet to father dearest, my sister and I gave him a scanner so he could digitize our family slides. I don't know about your family, but I grew up in a typical 1950's/60's family where the father took all the pics. Since my family of origin split up not long after I left home, custody of all those slides remained with the pater. He has been digitizing "collections", learning computers and calling on me when assistance is needed. As it turns out this has been a good bonding opportunity. Father dearest started with our travels overseas (my family lived in West Africa for a few years) and has now moved on to local family lore. So, here are a few pics of me from my halycon days. I particular like this one at the bottom - it's me feeding the pigeons in St. Marco's square, Venice!

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regan said...

Great nice your dad is getting the hang of it all. I have no idea where all those slides we saw as kids went. I wonder if I can find out without actually having to talk with any of 'those' people!?! Hmmmm. lol