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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fall Purse covers!

Well, the double eye glass case, for which I did a wee tutorial, didn't work out quite as I wanted as the mater can't open it with her arthritis! So .... made another one this time with a Velcro closure. Now it works, but while giving her the new and improved eye glass case I was asked for a new purse cover, you know, something with red and silver in it, something for winter ....
So, yup I'm a softie ... I made 3 more purse covers (these are becoming addictive!) Two are the same, a nice grey/black/white/red Haida print and a red/with/black circular reversed side. The third one is for me - the same grey/black/white/red Haida print and a black/white/gold reversible side. Woohoo - we are ready for winter!
Now it's time to get cutting - onto a wedding quilt for my niece.
The pile on the left are the "chosen" ones, and the fabric on the bottom is the backing. Each colour is supposed to have a light, medium and dark. The pile on the right are the rejects - not yet put away in other boxes as I might yet change my mind and use them. I have chosen to go "scrappy" in this quilt so I have several dark/medium/light for each colour. In the reject pile you can see the swatch card I used while shopping. I found it sooo much easier to cut a swatch, label it and staple to a card, then underneath the fabric I wrote how much I needed. Maybe too anal for some, but I found this organization quite helpful!

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Things Hand Made said...

Just sounds like you are being organised! I am off to a quilt show to buy some fabric and that is exactly what I need to do.