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Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. Well, I survived another "holiday" weekend. Pretty lucky really as I managed three dinners - I made Turkey for myself, mother and a couple of friends, was invited out to a yummy Ham dinner at a friend's and leftover Turkey tonight - woohoo! Can't complain about that! My Daffodils and my Fosythia all decided to blossom this weekend - so I'm having a yellow weekend. Mother nature decided to cooperate and we've actually had some decent spring weather. Now , if only I could convince the bossy librarian at work that we are not her personal slaves just 'cause we work there (some people never get it - duh) - and just once get a supportive comment from the step monster (don't hold yer breath!)- I'd have a real good month! The pics this post are my new patio planter. I once told my friend how I hate birthdays as my birthday was always an occasion for family fights. Consequently she surprises me with unbirthday gifts! Looking forward to sitting on the patio with plants in this one ! THANKS!


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