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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Yeah ! A finish :)


Canada's 150th!
Started in 2017 while I was still working full time, this Kat Tucker's free quilt-along on Facebook was a fabulous project. Each week Kat sent 3 PDFs, which included a biography of the Canadian Woman the block represented, full instructions and helpful colour hints. So many life events prevented me from getting this completed during the sesquicentennial (retirement, loss of both parents, 2 hospitalizations, downsizing then selling of home, moving into a retirement home). I chose to put it "to bed" with 90 blocks and am so happy with the final look and size of the quilt.

I've done some other sewing recently, lots of face masks which I failed to take  pics of :( and ...
I finally got my new sewing machine cover and under mat sewn up. Neither was a big job - just getting to them was the issue. Very happy with the red under mat as the old was (20+ years) was looking a wee bit tatty!
My niece asked for some more masks, and smallish place mats for the kid's desk as they will be eating at their desk once they go back to school.

Other than sewing, not too much exiting around here. Have been stuck inside since mid January. Not complaining as they are taking good car of us - no sickies in our residence!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

More Sad News ...

Vergilio, Vincent Phillip
In his 71st year. Beloved husband of Christine (my sister) for 42 years. Loving father of Lisa (Greg), Mark and David. Proud grandPapa of Claire and William. Missed by sister Phyllis, and fondly remembered by nieces Gina (Dave) and Kelly, nephew Jerry, sister-in-law (me), and many former students, colleagues, and friends.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Almost Christmas!!

Guess I should catch you up dear reader, if any of you are still there. It's been soooo long since I blogged! Well, the summer and birthday time have come and gone. I was the recipient of these lovely birthday flowers. I am officially that old - you know just buy her flowers old :( !
I used to have about 7 china vases, all in my good china pattern. Did I keep even one of them? Nooo!
Halloween has also come and gone and the wee ones of the family of course got all dressed. Doesn't William look thrilled to be a fireman :) !
Since then my sister bought herself new living room furniture in a slate grey tweed with a blue strip.

So I got busy finishing off "Nocturne" from my UFO list!

I won this kit as a door prize, and luck would have it I brought it along with me.

The background fabric and 3 "turnover" packs were included, so all I had to buy was the batting and some backing.

My friend took me to FL (our local fabric store) where I lucked out and found some mid grey tweedy fabric for the backing. Woohoo!

I sent it out for machine quilting (only my 3rd time) and luckily she finished it before the holidays!

Here's the finished couch quilt .... Hope my sister likes it!
I decided  that since I really wasn't using my car to go anywhere anymore, and it was such a hassle last year getting out every couple of weeks just to give the car a run, that I would sell my car. BIG decision as it's the last vestige of my independence. So I asked around if anyone knew anybody looking for a car.  Well, as luck would have it the grand-daughter's boyfriend of my sister's friend was in the market. Having never sold a car privately before I was rather anxious, but it turned out to be a good experience. The young man was very helpful. He took the car for its safety, got the Used Car Info kit from Service Ontario, and in less the 2 weeks the car was sold (and for my asking price!)
He also gave me flowers - what a nice guy ! Darn it, why didn't I keep just one vase!!
So I've decorated my wee place for Christmas, starting with my Christmas Cactus. 
 Ok, I have to brag here .... The antique table and chairs  in the pic below were mother's, as was the red tablecloth (only used @ Christmas). What is mine is the white crocheted lace tablecloth! Shortly after getting married (many, many moons ago) I crocheted a full sized echru tablecloth in this pattern. My then mother-in-law whined sooo much about never having anything so beautiful etc etc etc, that I finally gave it to her. I then promptly started a white version, but sadly left it unfinished in a bag for the next 40+ years, promising I'd finish it once I retired. Well,  the time has come, the walrus said and voila - it's  finished !! whooppeeeeeeeee!
 I  am very pleased with the results. It had yellowed slightly so a friend soaked it in Retro Clean . I LUV this stuff!
Here's my rather sad Charlie Brown twig tree. I have lights, crystals, white metal doves, and Hershey glass kisses on it and placed it in a small galvanized tub on top of my Xmas mug rug. In my small place it's sufficient to make the place somewhat festive.
And here's Claire in her Xmas sweater, gingerbread house and cookie!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

It's Done !!!!!!!

Lucy Boston "Points of the Cross"
Started in 2015, finished in 2019
51 months.
This is an English paper piecing technique, which for me included hand cutting 1956 honeycombs, 1064 1" squares and 49 4" squares, for a total of 3069 pieces! Then hand cutting the fabric to cover all these papers. Then basting by hand the fabric around all these papers. Then joining one shape to another to form blocks, blocks into rows, rows into a quilt top, all hand sewn. I hand appliqued the border to quilt top. All of that took an incredible 51 very long eventful months! I hand quilted this beast, which took another 180 hours and I used 22 different colours of thread! I used the same black fabric from the border for the binding. Something I've not done before but I think looks nice.

I started this quilt when my mother was still with us, and it has seen many life events since, included mother's passing, father's passing, two hospitalizations and two cataract surgeries for me, plus selling my home and moving into a retirement home. So, this beastie has seen a lot! 
Of course,  now that I want them I can't find the three additional blocks I made but didn't use. I was contemplating using one of them for a label :(. So now I guess I'll have make something else with the remainder honeycombs, which is OK, just more work. But then again I'm not sure what the name of this one will be. I was contemplating Cataract 5, but then realized it has only been 4 years not 5. Someone on my Lucy Boston POTC FB group suggested "She Persisted", which isn't a bad name. Any one out there have another suggestion for a name?

I won't be doing much sewing for a while as I am currently experiencing another exacerbation of my COPD, and a case of Dupuytren's Contracture in my quilting hand! YIKES!!!!

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Birthday Time!

Well, it was my brother-in-law's 70th Bday and of course the grandkids were all excited ;). I was greeted at the door by little William who is becoming quite the young charmer with his "Welcome Aunt Cindy" (the name my family use for me). What a sweetie, I haven't heard that much from him before, so his vocab is much improved ;). It was pretty obvious he had practised this greeting, which was so nice of my niece to tutor him.
In between playing cribbage, watching movies, trying to finish off my Lucy Boston and changing over my one and only closet from winter to spring I am working on this little beauty
I got the kit last year @ Mary Maxims and  am finally working on it. Shouldn't take too long once I get the machine up off the floor where it's resting for the moment. Will post a pic once mine is finished.

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Easter's coming :)

So, I finally got my sewing mojo on and made up this wee rabbit as a door hanging for Easter. The pattern  called for grey with white dots which of course I couldn't find, but think the white with grey dots work just fine :). And the fluffy tail was supposed to be minky fabric, which I also did not have - of course, so I used YoYos.  Luckily I found some buttons in the one and only button jar I still have so she has an eye ! My friend is returning my button jars to  me today and of course I'll never need any more buttons once they're returned. Isn't that always the way? I used the leftover strips for the binding and overall am happy with the results. Looking forward to Easter and hopefully gathering with the family for a nice dinner and get together.
Everyone is enjoying my April Showers hanging on my door right now. I made it a couple of years ago for mother. I fell in love with the umbrellas and rain boots fabric. I quilted rain drops but they don't show up very well on the dotty fabric. Never mind, it was fun to do .
Claire attending her first (?) ballet recital. Looks like she really enjoyed herself :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


So, I have something for Valentine's on my door. It's smallish but does the trick and seems the ladies here at Oakcrossing like it. I've had several positive comments, which is always nice. 
Before my sister and her DH went off to sunnier climes for the month we had a family dinner to celebrate (2 weeks early) my great niece's 5th Bday. Of course I was unprepared so did the $ in a card method and suggested she and mommy enjoy some shopping. Well, looks like they did !
I'm told she got some stuffies, including a Unicorn.  She looks happy doesn't she !
Glad to see Claire enjoyed her mini shopping spree :). In the meantime I've been keeping busy hand quilting on my Lucy Boston. I'm about 1/3 done, but this week has been a bust as I've had the plaque for the last few days. Hope it's  not the dreaded FLU - as that's what I had the last 2 winters, which hospitalized me and put me here @ Oakcrossing. DON'T NEED THAT AGAIN!!
Also been busy reading. Finished off Doris Lessing's Golden Notebook . Can see why it was a sensation when it was first published but not sure it is quite the earthshaker it was when first written. Also polished off  The In- Between World of Vikram Lall by M G Vassanji - would definitely recommend this one, and  The Book Thief by Markus Zusak also excellent! Can you tell what I've been doing this winter  .... lots of reading ;)