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Sunday, December 30, 2018

It's Done !!

It's Done it's done it's done it's done It's Done it's done it's done it's done It's Done it's Done !

and now for the borders

Not that I'm prejudiced, but I truly think it's better with the black borders. TG as it took over a week to applique them on ! so I'm NOT taking them off.  Now to find the backing fabric. It's somewhere in a box under the bed. Somewhere I haven't looked since the movers threw the boxes under there. Guess what I'll be doing this week ;). Once the backing is seamed up then I'll be crawling on the floor as I baste it all together. I'm  planing on hand quilting this beauty. It will take me months, but what else do I have to do, and anyway it's all hand done so far why stop now. In the mean time guess it's sock knitting for me!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to all. It's been awhile since my last post. Indeed, I have been chastened about my indolence. Well, in my defence (and there really is no defence) I've been somewhat busy getting my Lucy (Lucy Boston paper pieced Points of the Cross) quilt top together. It's now together with borders, pic to follow soon as I finish getting the papers and basting removed. And, with the holidays and celebrations and gatherings of friends, etc., I just haven't had time for much else. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
My time has been occupied, and I did manage to finish off 2 of my 3 retrieved Piecemaker's 2002 Seasons blocks - see December's block above. It's hard to see in this pic, but I embroidered Noel in copper thread in the bottom left corner,  and in silver thread Joy in the bottom right corner. You can see the pink Peace  in the top right. I also added a wee doilie (from grandma) and the only piece of Tatting I have ever done. If you look carefully you will also see a couple of pine cone buttons, and of course the big bad wolf! I like this one, and it has been a real hit here at Oak Crossing.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Slowly slowly getting close

Bottom half of my Lucy Boston with all the connector blocks added. I was so thrilled to get to this point that I just had to see what it will look like. Mourning the loss of my design wall, I improvised and used the floor. Luckily my camera phone was still able to catch a reasonable pic. Have a look
So the next week or so will be busy sewing these two halves together. Then appliqueing the border on, finding my backing and making the big decision as to hand quilting or sending it out to be machine quilted. Which would you choose?

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Quilt Show !

So this weekend was my guild's quilt show and I have to start off with this Canada 150 quilt made by Jacqui. I've been wondering how I was going to put the blocks together on my version - sashing/no sashing/what colour, etc. I'm really liking her use of black, but think I may go for a dark charcoal rather than a true black. Lovely quilt Jacqui - thanks for the inspiration!

Always loved this pattern of community in the round. Thought her use of background colour was interesting.

This one block wonder with a panel in the middle is another one of Jacqui's. She's so creative! Lovely mix of colours. Gives me more ideas for that OBW project I have in the back of my mind;)

Some more inspiration with the layout of this Dresden Plate - almost modern :). Uh huh - liking it!

Lorna did a fabulous job with her Dresden layout also, and of course I love her use of colour, she's known for that talent ! The white spokes in the plates are Canada 150 fabrics :).

Here's another of Lorna's works (least I think it is her's) this time with hexies! Yowza!!

A couple of kids quilts from Beth. So whimsical. Too bad my kids quilts days are over as I so love this pattern. If you look close you'll
see they are not identical. I think Beth had fun making these ;)

Another whimsical quilt - from Barb I think. Again, love the colours !

A B&W One Block Wonder. Geeze these are beautiful quilts, and the orange border really makes it pop!

Not sure who's  sampler quilt this is. I usually don't like sampler quilts but thought this was an effective use of B&Wand love the piano key border!

And rest your eyes on this lovely Taupe wonder by Linda. She's really into Yoko Saito's patterns and makes such gorgeous quilts!
Must finish off with this beauty, one of three displayed at the show. This lady (sorry don't know her name, she's newish to the guild) does marvelous fabric art landscapes on board.
Hope you enjoyed a few of my picks from our LFQG's Quilts For All Seasons 2018 quilt show!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Happy Fall!

So I saved a few things from the old homestead, and glad I did as it makes a nice tablescape for the Fall. The leaves are starting to turn colours so I went for a wee drive this afternoon. Lovely to get out & about. Lots of fun and activity since my last post. Claire has started school, and loves it!
Thanksgiving has come and gone, but I missed the trip to Len's Mills and our evening guild meeting as I was not feeling the best. Have learned to take it very easy when my body tells me to :(. This week coming is William's 2nd birthday.
I wanted to buy him a trunk, he's truck crazy right now,  but didn't get out to shop for that either :(. Also this week I anticipate a visit from a friend & hopefully may retrieve some of my crazy quilt patches which I hope to make into door hangings. Our guild's quilt show is at the end of the week and I am soooo looking forward to it and to shopping @ the vendors booths (not that I need anything!)
I promised myself I would start working on my Canada 150 quilt in Oct. Well, it's the middle of the month and  I haven't opened the sewing machine yet ;(. Got to get myself in gear or it will never get done! Ha ha ha, what can you do, although I admit to still be working on my Lucy Boston - the bottom half is now officially done, and I have just 3 connector blocks to finish the top. Then join the two halves and applique a border and it will be ready for quilting. Ohhhh, the end is in sight!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

It's official!

I'm a (skinny) senior! August is birthday month and I am officially now a senior. I still feel like I'm 20 something, but glad I'm not ;) It was a lovely day so we all sat outside and William was very busy playing. He's becoming a real lady killer !
It's been a busy month so far, what else is new. I've even gotten out and about on my own a couple of times. Took my buddies out for a lovely dinner at Villa Cornelia as a Thank You and to celebrate. It was a very pleasant dinner and evening with the girls. Would be nice if we could do this more often and not just wait for special occasions.
Next week I'm hoping to go on a trip to Paris, mais oui,  Paris Ontario ;)  - to Mary Maxim. Haven't been there for years - who knows what I'll find to play with !

Sunday, August 05, 2018


I learned a new word this week ......
This totally describes me pre-move!! Little did I know there was an actual word for it ! Having been convinced by friends and family that I would not have room for all my books, I got rid of 3-4 boxes of tomes, some (most?) I had not yet read. So I guess I fit the term Tsundoku quite well. It's summer so I'm reading a bit, mornings and before bed, so I may just catch up on all those intended reads yet! I am currently reading Jude the Obscure, and prior to that Deafening by Francis Itani. Lets just hope, having given away more than 1/2 of my library that I don't run out of good reading material.  Guess I'll need to make a trip to the local second hand book shop where you can get good lit at good prices :).
Next week it's celebration time. It's my 65th this month and I'm taking a leaf from dear papa's book and throwing my own Bday party. My friends were so good to help me with the move and I owe them an evening of fine dining, so that's celebration #1. I'm hosting the Sew What's group the next day, and that will be a first at the new digs! We'll see how it all works out, We'll gather in the "Queens Kitchen" a communal room on the first floor, and two of the ladies who haven't yet hosted are bringing the goodies; celebration #2. And to end the week my sister has promised  a weekend BBQ, celebration #3. I think I deserve it!! Pics to follow.
I've been working diligently on the connector blocks for the last rows of my Lucy Boston POTC. I miscalculated and ran out of the black fabric I was using in the connectors so had to lay the whole thing out on the floor (OH HOW I MISS MY DESIGN WALL!) to determine how many were missing. The coffee table makes a pretty good substitute cutting table, and the mats are hidden under the couch - see, I knew what I was doing with that  slipcover ;). The next big hurdle will be to discover if my "sewing centre" will work for me. Built over 4 shelf units  it looks good, holds my "stuff" but appears to be a bit high. I may have to get a stool to sit on.  We'll see. I have to admit, although I am missing several  items that have gone bye bye,  I am not regretting any of my decisions to let those things go. I have all I need and this place is filled but not stuffed beyond capacity.